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Floatation Therapy

Relax and recharge in a Float Tank, a unique sensory experience balancing your body and resetting your mind, unlocking a long-lasting sense of well-being.

What is Floatation Therapy?

Floatation Therapy, otherwise known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST), creates a sensory-deprived environment to help disconnect from stimuli such as light, sounds and gravity.

This therapeutic experience involves immersing oneself in our specially designed open-style tank filled with a skin-temperature Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) and water solution. The shallow 30cm deep tank and 400kg of magnesium allows your body to float effortlessly on your back, while embracing the sensation of weightlessness akin to the tranquil waters of the Dead Sea.

Floatation Therapy Bookings

Book a Floatation Therapy session using our online booking system or buy a gift voucher to treat your friends and family.

1 Hour Casual Float
1 Hour Couples Float Tank
1 Hour Double Float Room

Package Options


Intro Package

3 x 1 Hour Floats

$49 / week

Float Club Membership

Join our exclusive Float Club and benefit from unlimited Float Tank sessions each week


Float Devotees Package

24 x 1 Hour Floats

Embark On Your Journey

Our centre boasts two float rooms, both equipped with a private shower to use before and after your session. You have the choice of a single tank or double tank room, where you can share the experience with a friend or partner (option to have separate tanks).

As you enter the float tank, you can lay on your back and gaze at the star lights on the ceiling or embrace total darkness. You can gently transition back into reality with soothing music.

Case Studies

I use floats on a regular basis for my muscle recovery and sleep rejuvenation.

For me, it was using floats more regularly that gave me insight into what it can do for me. I find that everyone I’ve ever come across has different experiences and receives different benefits in different ways.

A form of therapy that would allow me to unplug from my body and reduce stress and anxiety.

I closed my eyes for what felt like 5 minutes before hearing the end of session music. I checked to see how much time I still had left, only to discover that I had actually been in there for the full hour and my session was done.

The Benefits of Floatation Therapy

In a state of stillness, your body can truly relax, restoring mind-body balance, harmony and creativity.

Physical Benefits

The buoyant, weightless environment in a float tank stimulates blood flow, enhancing circulation through the body.
Floatation therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing processes that are beneficial for muscle tension, tightness and stiffness from injury or workouts.
Many individuals experience relief from chronic pain, including conditions such as back pain and arthritis, due to the relaxation and reduced pressure on joints and muscles. Magnesium has been used for hundreds of years for pain relief and is especially beneficial for relieving nerve pain. Due to the high concentration of magnesium in floatation tanks, the effects can be profound.
Regular floating may strengthen the immune system as allowing for your body to rest and recover will give your body time to strengthen the immune system.
The Epsom salt solution can have a rejuvenating effect on the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and glowing. Your skin won’t prune with the high saltwater.
The low-impact nature of floatation therapy helps reduce the inflammation from within the body.
The saltwater solution aids in detoxification by helping the body rid itself of waste products and toxins, promoting overall well-being.

Mental Benefits

Floatation therapy is renowned for its ability to induce deep relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of calm and wellbeing.
The lower stress levels and added calmness helps the mind become more focuses and is able to better concentrate on important tasks.
Floating induces the production of Alpha brain waves, fostering a state of relaxation and mental tranquillity.
Floating encourages the presence of Theta brain waves that are associated with creative insights and meditative states, promoting mental clarity and creativity.
Magnesium is one of the key minerals for producing melatonin which is the bodies key hormone for inducing sleep. Sensory deprivation also allows your brain to enter a calming state to promote a more restful sleep.

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Floatation Therapy Bookings

Book a Floatation Therapy session using our online booking system or buy a gift voucher to treat your friends and family.

1 Hour Casual Float
1 Hour Couples Float Tank
1 Hour Double Float Room