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Float Tanks

Relax and recharge in a Float Tank, a unique sensory experience balancing your body and resetting your mind, unlocking a long-lasting sense of well-being.

What is Floating?

A float tank is a bath-like tub with a roof, which you can choose to keep open. The tank contains a dense Epsom salt and water solution – 30cm shallow, set at skin temperature (35.5C) – which makes your body buoyant, like in the Dead Sea. You float effortlessly, horizontal, facing up. Float tanks are hygienic because the high saltwater solution is naturally sterile. The tanks are also filtered daily.

Float tanks are in a private room with a shower, and the tanks are designed for one. We also have a double float room with two tanks for couples, or to even float with a friend – although you’re still each in your own tank.

The silence, safety and warmth of the environment is naturally conducive to stillness, relaxation and peace-of-mind. Without outside distractions your body and mind can combine to achieve a deep and restful state.

Floating is becoming increasingly popular as it moves into mainstream culture. From elite athletes to celebrities to around the corner, float tank therapy is an accessible, easy and time-efficient way to achieve clarity, reduce stress and enhance performance – one hour of floating can amount to six hours of extra sleep.

1 Hour Casual Float
1 Hour Couples Float Tank
1 Hour Couples Float Room
Intro Pack (3 x 1 Hour Floats)
Float Devotees Pack (24 x 1 Hour Floats)

The Benefits of Floating

Regular floating can strengthen the body's ‘relaxation response', helping to reduce the chances of stress-related illness now or later in life. Floating is effortless and the benefits are immediate and profound. Scientific tests have shown that floating reduces stress and anxiety, reduces heart rate and blood pressure, reduces muscle tension, reduces back pain and greatly assists in the healing process. It also stimulates endorphin production (providing relief from chronic pain), stimulates Alpha brain waves (relaxation) and Theta brain waves (associated with creative insights and meditative states). In a state of stillness, your body can truly relax, restoring mind-body balance, harmony and creativity.

What Happens During the Treatment?

If you’re a first time floater, here’s what you can expect. You’ll step into the float tank and lie on your back, partially submerged in skin-temperature dense salt water solution. The sterile water is usually 30cm deep. Your float tank session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. You can wear earplugs for comfort if preferred, and can stretch your arms and legs to almost touch the sides of the tank. You’ll float effortlessly because there are 300kg of magnesium sulphate (also known as Epsom salts) in just 30cm of water.

Without any sensory input, your stresses, worries, pain, and fatigue disappear and what occurs is a unique sense of peace and harmony. Blood flow is stimulated through all the tissues, natural endorphins are released, and the brain produces alpha and theta waves associated with relaxation and meditation.

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