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First-Time Floater? Here’s What You Need To Know

So everyone’s talking about float tanks as a way to destress and relax. But floating is not a flash fad, it’s been around since the 1950s! Although in recent years it’s become increasingly popular in mainstream culture – possibly even in your neighbourhood – as a calming experience to enhance wellbeing in a noisy and frantic world. So if you’re thinking about trying out float therapy but feeling a bit uncertain as a first-time floater, here’s the lowdown on your lie down.

But first, what is float tank therapy?

Think of float tanks as a bath. Our custom, state-of-the-art style tanks are fully open where you can float effortlessly, horizontal, facing up to watch the stars and changing coloured lights. The tank contains a dense Epsom Salt and water solution, 30cm shallow, set at skin temperature which makes your body buoyant -like in the Dead Sea. Float tanks are hygienic because of the high saltwater solution is naturally sterile and are also filtered daily.

Our float tanks are in a private room with a shower. We have options for single or double float tank rooms, where you can bring a friend or partner to float in individual tanks.

Benefits of float tank therapy

Scientific evidence supports floating as a means to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, reduce tension and anxiety. With zero gravity, and lessened sensory input, floating can unlock a profound feeling of long-lasting relaxation and clarity of the mind. Floating is also great for recovery after training with the 400kg of magnesium Epsom Salt in each tank, helping your muscles recover quicker.

How to prepare

Arrive with a bit of food in your stomach (eat something light an hour in advance) and avoid caffeine and other stimulants 4-6 hours ahead of your float session. This reduces the demands on your body while you’re floating.

Bring nothing. Shower before floating to remove excess oils to keep the tank clean. Also shower after floating to rinse excess Epsom Salt from your skin and hair. Your private room has a shower with soap, shampoo and clean towels. We provide earplugs and a neck-pillow to maximise your floating comfort, and Vaseline for any recent cuts. There’s also a lounge area to relax with some tea and an area to freshen up with a hairdryer.

Go nude or wear a swimming costume. Your choice. The more skin in the game, the greater the experience.

Avoid shaving the day before or day of floating to avoid the saltwater irritating your skin. If you’ve recently coloured your hair or applied fake tan, please wait until the excess colour has completely rinsed out before booking your float. Hair dye and tanning products can colour the water and stain the tanks.

If you wear contact lenses, bring a contact case or wear glasses. If saltwater gets into your eyes, contacts make it difficult for a quick and easy rinse.

Don’t rush from a state of frenzy to float. Your mind and body need a bit of quiet before floating to fully enjoy the experience.

Keep in mind, especially if you feel slight discomfort and tightening as stress unknots in certain areas of your body.

What to expect

You won’t roll over and you won’t sink. The water is only 30cm deep. Do nothing, just float. If you fall asleep, it’s also fine and an additional benefit – just one hour of sleep in a float tank is equivalent to six hours of extra sleep. Although float tank sleep shouldn’t be considered as a replacement for regular sleep, it’s a highly effective supplement.

Your skin won’t prune. In fact, your skin and hair will benefit from soaking in Epsom Salts.

Most float sessions are 60 minutes – but it may feel much quicker. So consider a series of three float sessions over a week. A second and third float can help achieve a more immediate and deeper state of relaxation because your body already knows what to expect.

The more you use the tank the better each session becomes, and the more enhanced your floating experience becomes. – because floating is a journey. Good luck and enjoy getting your feet wet!


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