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First-Time Floaters - What to Expect

Take a moment of quiet before your float session to allow your mind and body to unwind…

What is Floatation Therapy?

The best way to describe a float tank is like a bath. You’ll float effortlessly in the skin temperature Epsom Salt and water solution – a sensation akin to the Dead Sea. Our fully open-style float tanks are a shallow 30cm, allowing you to float horizontally, facing up to watch the stars and coloured lights on the ceiling.

The float tanks are hygienic due to the saltwater’s natural sterility. Each tank has a dual filtration system and is filtered and tested daily.

Each float tank room has a shower, complete with soap, shampoo and towels. You have the choice of a single tank or double tank room, where you can share the experience with a friend or partner (option to have separate tanks).

Preparation for Floating

  1. Arrive with a light meal in your stomach, eating about an hour before your session
  2. Avoid caffeine or other stimulants 4-6 hours before your float to optimise your experience
  3. You can choose to float au naturel or in a swimming costume, whichever you’re more comfortable with. The more skin contact, the more immersive your experience
  4. Avoid shaving the day before or day of your float to prevent saltwater irritation
  5. If you’ve recently dyed your hair or applied fake tan, please wait until it has fully rinsed out before floating to prevent water colouration and staining of the tanks
  6. If you wear contact lenses, bring a case or wear glasses, to ease any saltwater discomfort if the water gets in your eyes
  7. Lastly, we provide everything you need including earplugs, a neck-pillow and Vaseline for minor cuts

What to Expect

As you enter the float tank room, place your personal items on the bench, strip down, take a short shower, install the earplugs and slowly make your way into the float tank. Don’t worry, you won’t roll over or sink as the tank is only 30cm deep. There’s no need to do anything but float, and if you happen to drift off to sleep, even better! As you finish your float and emerge from the relaxed state, staring at the stars for a few minutes as the music plays at the end.

As you exit the tank, take another brief shower to rinse off the excess saltwater solution.

With each float session, you’ll enhance your floating journey and unlock its full potential. Consider at least 3 float sessions over a week for a more immediate and profound experience. You will begin to enter a deep relaxation quicker the more sessions you do.

Floatation Therapy Bookings

Book a Floatation Therapy session using our online booking system or buy a gift voucher to treat your friends and family.

1 Hour Casual Float
1 Hour Couples Float Tank
1 Hour Double Float Room