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Scar Rehabilitation

Heal scars from all types of surgery the right way with an experienced lymphoedema & remedial massage therapist.

For the best results, heal your scars the correct way with an experienced lymphoedema therapist and remedial massage therapist. Lymphoedema therapy, which can help treat all scars, can reduce pain, tingling and inflammation and soften fibrosis to increase strength and enhance wellbeing. Whether from C-section, abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast cancer surgery, or orthopaedic-related surgery, scar therapy is an integral part of whole-body healing and recovery.

Scar Rehabilitation Bookings

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Scar Rehabilitation (60 minutes)

What Is Scar Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation and healing can be a daunting process alone. Our experienced lymphoedema and remedial massage therapist can help rehabilitate scars from a range of surgeries and can start once the wound is healed. Scar rehabilitation helps to address numerous post-surgical challenges which include: scar sensitivity and pain, numbness and tingling, inability to return to regular exercise and loss of strength and endurance.

Benefits of Scar Rehabilitation

In the care of a specialised therapist, there are a number of benefits provided by professional scar rehabilitation. These include:
• Reduced scar sensitivity and pain
• A decrease in numbness and tingling
• Decreased inflammation and swelling
• Softening fibrosis
• Improvements in strength and endurance
• Techniques to support a sooner return to regular exercise

What Happens During the Treatment?

Post-op scar management starts once the wound is healed. Our scar rehabilitation program includes:
• Evaluation and assessment during the initial visit
• Manual lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling due to the surgery
• Scar therapy, which includes the use of scar gel sheets or scar therapy gel, scar massage and some special tools to break down scar tissues and fibrosis
• Low level laser to relieve pain, decrease inflammation and soften fibrosis
• A pump compression device to reduce swelling (drain the accumulation fluid) due to surgery
• Prescribe the compression garment (if needed)
• Exercise rehabilitation techniques, including breathing, strengthening muscles and some stretching exercises as a tool for scar therapy
• Additional helpful tips handout for scar management care at home

Meet Marina

Marina is a remedial massage therapist and our lymphoedema practitioner, specialising in lymphoedema and lipoedema.

She is a member of the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA) with a physiotherapy background.

Her practical approach, compassionatennature and in-depth expertise allows her to deliver effective treatment that makes a genuine difference to the holistic wellbeingnof her clients and their quality of life.

Scar Rehabilitation Bookings

Book a Scar Rehabilitation session using our online booking system.

Scar Rehabilitation (60 minutes)