Bondi Junction Massage and Float Centre

Massage Club

$105 Monthly

Membership Features

Terms & Conditions

• $105 per month will unlock a 60-minute remedial massage, to be used within the calendar month.
• Massage credits may be rolled over for a maximum of 2 months, after which they will be forfeited.
• 10% discount on all other services in the Centre.
• Membership fee is direct debited each month on the same day on which you sign up. This unlocks the services within the package; included services must be used within each monthly period or they will expire on the last day of the period, prior to your automatic renewal date.
• The Vitality Club membership cannot be transferred for another service, or transferred to another person.
• Member must give 30 days notice for any cancellation to their membership. To cancel your membership, please email us at info@massagefloat.com.au.
• Membership pricing, including monthly subscription fees and discounted services, is subject to change. Bondi Junction Massage & Float Centre will provide 30 days notice by email of any forthcoming price changes.

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