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Improve mobility, ease pain, and enhance overall wellbeing through kinesiology, for the best path towards better health, energy and balance.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of the body’s movement and uses gentle muscle testing to obtain feedback from your body about your overall health—structurally, biochemically and mentally. The human body has an innate intelligence to heal itself. Everything that affects the body is monitored through the nervous system, which is connected to every part of the body. It is this system that kinesiology communicates with to get feedback for the best path towards better health, energy and balance.

60 minutes
90 minutes (Initial Consultation)

The Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology is suitable for any age and anyone, with many benefits. Some of the areas kinesiology can target includes:
• Stress, depression and anxiety
• Physical pain (muscular and joint)
• Physical and emotional scars
• Allergies (immune mismatch responses)
• Strength, flexibility and balance
• Mental focus, concentration and memory
• Learning integration for children
• Emotional wellbeing and motivation
• Health, vitality, immunity and energy
• Digestion and nutrient absorption
• Sleep

What Happens During the Treatment?

Kinesiology sessions are usually performed lying down, but can also be performed seated or standing. All sessions are performed fully clothed. A kinesiology sessions involves many ‘balance’ techniques, and depending on the type of balances required by your body, a session will generally be 60 to 90 minutes long.

Performing gentle but subtle muscle testing using your forearm, your body will communicate back to the kinesiologist how your presenting problems may be resolved. Your body will give feedback as to the appropriate balancing techniques and the emotions associated. Balances performed by the kinesiologist may involve: gentle touch or tapping to meridian acupoints; muscle testing and energy techniques to enhance strength or tone down tightness; discussing the emotions and bringing about awareness with an issue; brain gym techniques to enhance focus, coordination and memory; diet and supplements; chemical and diet sensitivities; and coaching/guidance. The use of magnets and crystals are just some of the many tools that can be utilised.

You’ll emerge from a kinesiology session feeling relaxed and usually amazed at the information that your body will give. Positive changes can also be experienced many days after a kinesiology session in the form of increased vitality, focus, strength, emotional energy and stability.