Bondi Junction Massage and Float Centre


Client Case Study

Client Profile

My name is Jay. I am in my early 20's and a Student.

Client's Challenge

Constant surge of thoughts from internal and external stimuli that makes it hard to focus and relax.

Why Floatation Therapy?

Was looking for things to do in freetime to benefit my wellbeing and came across this form of therapy that I had heard Joe Rogan talk about before.

The Search for Solutions

Factors that influenced my decision include Joe Rogan discussing his experiences with floatation therapy, my desire to meditate on a regular basis, my previous experience with epsom salt for muscle recovery.


My initial expectations were quite high as Joe Rogan said he has had full psychedelic experiences whilst floating. Apart from that, I viewed it as a form of therapy that would allow me to unplug from my body and reduce stress and anxiety.

Floatation Therapy Experience

First session - the first 20 minutes had me thinking I wasted my time as I wasn't noticing anything relaxing happening. Then after that I slowly drifted in and out of this overwhelming calmness til the session finished.

Frequency of Sessions

1-2 times per week. 

Notable Experiences

My 3rd or 4th session, I closed my eyes for what felt like 5 minutes before hearing the end of session music. Thinking it was a malfunction, I checked to see how much time I still had left, only to discover that I had actually been in there for the full hour and my session was done.

Mental Health Improvements

Stress Reduction

Kind of like meditation, floating alleviates the stress induced from racing thoughts by allowing me to let thoughts come and go. Also by focusing on breathing

Mental Clarity

Following the sessions, my mind feels wiped of whatever stressors or distractions it was filled in from the day.

Anxiety and Depression

Has helped symptoms through mindfulness and being comfortable sitting there with thoughts.

Physical Health Benefits

Pain Management

Have experienced less fatigue from lifting weights and exercising.

Muscle Relaxation

I noticed benefits in my neck and shoulder areas.

Improved Sleep

Have been having excellent sleeps following sessions.

Lifestyle Changes

Integration into Daily Life

Gives me something to look forward to in the evening and the improved ability to concentrate.