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Client Case Study

Client Profile

My name is Chad. I’m a 41 year old male working in the Entertainment and Fitness industries as an Actor, Lifestyle Model, Presenter and Fitness Coach. 

Client's Challenge

I was introduced to float tanks a little over 15 years ago. At first it was not my thing. I had a lot of things going on in my life and I found it difficult to get still.

It was not till 8 years ago, when I was introduced to floats again in Vancouver, Canada, that I started to enjoy being still and exploring the benefits of regular use.

Since then, I use floats on the regular basis for my muscle recovery and sleep rejuvenation.

Why Floatation Therapy?

For me, it was using floats more regularly that gave me insight into what it can do for me. I find that everyone I’ve ever come across, has different experiences and receives different benefits in different ways. so as a therapy, it does take a little time for you to figure out what it best serves. And for me, it’s muscle recovery and some sleep deprivation. “Stillness” .


I definitely use floats for well-being. Muscle recovery is my number one. I’m a huge sweater and I also use steam and saunas. So you lose a lot of salt, minerals and electrolytes. These are things that I have to constantly work on to keep up my bodies mechanics. 

Also, Having 30 minutes or even 60 minutes of a hard deep sleep, floating can do absolute wonders. It doesn’t happen every time, but when it does, it’s amazing.

Floatation Therapy Experience

I’ve been using float therapy for quite some time now. So I have similar but still different experiences each time I go. It depends what’s happening in my body, how much I’ve been training or what’s even on my mind. 

But what I do each time is that therapeutic session and muscle recovery that I’m searching for. do recommend using floats for a period of time to really get an understanding how your body and your mind will utilise the experience. It’s definitely mould than a one time thing.

Frequency of Sessions

As I mentioned before it’s a process of working out how float therapy can work for you, your mind and your body. It takes a few sessions over a period of time for you to really work out the true benefits for you.

As a wellness and fitness coach, I talk a lot about mental health and well-being. Understanding if you are physically mentally or emotionally, exhausted and what that means and how to heal or to replace what is necessary for you. Is the first step forward to that mental, physical and emotional recovery. 

In my personal experience, I find that floating helps with these three processes in rest, recovery and well-being for me. 

Notable Experiences

It’s a process of experience. You could have so many different experiences. You may sleep you may be wide-awake. You may feel restless you may feel restful but there is more happening in a float than just mental experience. There is also a physical aspect so it really does depend on what your body needs.

Mental Health Improvements

Stress Reduction

Stress is such a broad brushstroke word. I stress my body all the time through Fitness. But you need to be able to know and understand how to recover from those extreme pursuits routines or occurrences. 

There’s plenty of stress that is out of my control that comes in to my life. But there are also many types of stress that I bring into my life. Floats and deprivation ways that I can self manage the stress that I create and can control. so I still grow develop and evolve, but also self-help and manage. 

And sometimes shit just doesn’t work and you just need to rest. Floats can give you that too. 

Mental Clarity

I usually go for a workout after my float session, because I feel lighter brighter and more rejuvenated from all the minerals that my body receives as well as sometimes resting, and having that deprivation moment where I feel like, I’ve had an eight hour sleep in 45 minutes. 

Personally, I like to utilise that straight away rather than just walk out and keep that relaxation mode going. Sometimes I feel that it’s more progressive to use that extra strength and power than to kind of sit into it like you would with a massage you know you wouldn’t go to the gym after a massage because you let your muscles rest But with floats, I feel it’s a little different. As I mentioned before sometimes, it’s more of a reset. And you’re ready to go again.

Anxiety and Depression

Yeah, these are interesting topics. Everybody experiences these two words differently within their body or in their mind. I try not to get too, caught up in the words and focus more on the feelings. so how do I feel and how can I direct this energy positively? 

Again for me, as I’ve mentioned multiple times, you can really start to understand your body when you focus on it. There are plenty of things that are out of my control or happening to And around me and sometimes there’s things that I’m still learning about myself and triggers and other moments that are happening that I quite don’t understand. 

But when you are still for a long period of time or long enough of a period of time you can start to hear feel and understand your thoughts, your feelings and your body a little bit more and that’s what float tanks do for me.

Physical Health Benefits

Pain Management

The best results I get from float tanks are the physical health benefits. I sweat a large amount daily, so my body loses a lot of the minerals that it needs for high function. Float tanks really give me that back in a big way where I am ready for the gym, a sport session or to hit the ground running from the moment that I walk out.

Muscle Relaxation

I definitely feel relaxed after I come out of a float. But rejuvenated enough to hit the ground running. Unlike a massage where you’ve literally had your muscles manipulated and softened out. Feeding your muscles with the minerals that the skin, the body, as well as that stillness in the mind receives during a float session is a completely different experience to a massage. You can do both of them and have a full spa treatment session, and I highly recommend that as a relaxation and rejuvenation. 

But if we’re just talking muscle recovery float tanks are my 101….

Improved Sleep

I don’t really have improved sleep, I normally have my rest / nap in the tank and then I’m ready to get back into the gym or hit the ground running with my daily whole weekly routines. 

Lifestyle Changes

Integration into Daily Life

As I mentioned before it’s a fusion moment for me so as I have my float, it kind of resets me for the next moment. I am extremely active. I don’t rest a lot so it’s more of a reset for my self personally for that day that moment and for my bodies muscle recovery. And then I’m ready to go again.

Other Healthy Habits

I just suggest that you give it a go. Do quite a few try doing float tanks when you are highly strung when you are fully relaxed when you’re completely stressed when you’re feeling good, try it in all the different moments that you possibly can because sometimes it works best when you’re already in a particular vibe. Don’t wait to be completely stressed or at the end of your tether before you go and seek help. Start to see how you can look after yourself before you get to the moment of exhaustion or breaking point. 

And I highly recommend float tank therapy as part of a weekly, and monthly or even daily muscle recovery and sleep apnoea treatment therapy. Look after yourself!! You only have one body. Make it work with you not against you.