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Mindset Coaching

Achieve personal and professional growth by unlocking your transformative power of resilience and adaptability. Whether you’re navigating a career transition, overcoming setbacks, or seeking to optimise your wellbeing, a Mindset Coach can support you every step of the way.

Meet Mindset Coach Jake Mehmet

Jake’s growth journey is borne out of his life experience and embracing change in the face of adversity. Jake emigrated from Ireland to Australia when he was 20, having already moved out of home from a young age. Jake explains: “I grew up in a council estate. There was also a recession in Europe with little work or income.”

On arriving in Australia at age 20, Jake worked in construction which he hated. “I stuck it out for a few years and in the meantime I fell in love with poker and played day-in day-out. For two years straight I studied every day and I finally built the courage to quit my job in construction and play poker professionally for two years.”

In 2019 Jake achieved some big wins in tournaments which enabled him to purchase his wellness centre in Bondi Junction. Jake shares more: “I fell in love with float therapy as it helped my injury from construction and improved my mental focus and health. Over the years I worked on my mental toughness and created a growth mindset to choose the life I want to live rather than working a normal 9-5 which wasn’t for me. I always took risks and I knew I wanted to serve others to improve their physical and mental health.”

Jake’s journey is living proof of a growth mindset: from emigration and fending for himself to breaking away from work he didn’t like, to chasing his dream and achieving it: “I went through hard times and I built a growth mindset. I still have challenges but I always seek out solutions when I come to halts and problems which creates happiness for me.”

By cultivating a growth mindset, Jake has pursued his passions with resilience, courage and commitment to achieve a healthy and purposeful balance of career success and physical and mental wellbeing. And he can help do all of this for you!

The 3 Elements of a Bulletproof Mindset

After many years of extensive research, gaining life and business experience and embarking on the journey of accumulating his coaching accreditations, Jake has created the unique and powerful: “3 Elements of a Bulletproof Mindset”. This essential framework is built into an 8-week coaching program that is positively transforming lives!

Jake has become a subject matter expert on the 3 elements that formulate the foundation to the program, and include: -

  1. Overcoming self-sabotage
  2. Instilling self-belief
  3. Maintaining self-discipline & control

By mastering the 3 Elements of a Bulletproof Mindset, you’ll be able to overcome a range of self-sabotaging behaviours, experience unprecedented levels of confidence, and maintain a healthy level of self-discipline to achieve your highest goals. You’ll also learn how to leverage a growth mindset to achieve success in your personal and professional life.

Benefits of Mindset Coaching with Jake

Take the first step towards realising your full potential whether you’re seeking clarity, motivation or practical strategies for success. As a Mindset Coach, Jake brings a unique perspective with firsthand experience in the transformative power of embracing change to achieve personal and professional growth.

Jake’s Growth Mindset Coaching program:

  1. Empowers managers and team leaders to unlock their full potential to achieve peak performance in their careers
  2. Provides practical strategies and tools to help leaders develop a growth mindset which promotes resilience, innovation, effectiveness, and adaptability
  3. Transforms feeling stuck in your professional growth journey to embracing challenges and persisting in the face of setbacks to continuously learn and grow
  4. Provides ongoing support and accountability

How does Jake’s Program Work?

Jake offers tailored coaching programs, mindset mastery workshops, and ongoing support to clients making it easy to get started on your personal journey of self-discovery and growth. Jake will help you to transcend unhelpful conditioning and provide you with a clear roadmap and individualised guidance to help navigate your path to success with confidence, clarity and determination.

Instead of relying on outdated methods and approaches, Jake shares innovative and effective ways to overcome limiting beliefs, embrace failure as a stepping stone to success, and create a culture of continuous improvement within you and your team. This progressive and forward-focused approach leads to increased resilience, enhanced leadership effectiveness and accelerated personal and professional growth.

To find out more about how the program works, contact Jake today.

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