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Life Coaching

Are you ready to start living a more fulfilled life?
Live life with purpose and meaning as you achieve your personal and professional goals with clarity and confidence.

Meet Life Coach Darragh Byrne

Life coach Darragh Byrne is a transformational leader and wellness professional, trained and ready to help you identify, pursue and achieve your personal and professional goals. By empowering you, Darragh’s life coaching can help you maximise your potential and live a life of purpose, a life of choice, the life you desire.

With training and certification in emotional intelligence, leadership and business, Darragh’s teaching modalities include:

• Psychology
• Trauma therapy
• Childhood wounds
• Subconscious reprogramming
• Noise/primal therapy
• Breath work
• Neuro linguistics programming
• Spiritual wisdom
• Experiential learning
• Conflict management

Benefits of Life Coaching with Darragh

Life coaching taps into your unique truth and heals wounds from the inside out. By crystalising your goals you can maximise your potential to become happier, healthier and more confident and live a more meaningful life.

• Darragh offers 1:1 coaching programs to help you move through fears and limiting beliefs and release childhood trauma to understand the importance of your values.
• Through group coaching, Darragh teaches from action-based foundations using experiential work that goes beyond your mind and moves into what is going on in your body.

What Happens During the Treatment?

During life coaching treatment, Darragh as a qualified wellness professional, will go into childhood trauma, remove blockages and release more flow in your life. During your session, you will also reset your honour code which is your value system and recondition thinking using language and intention. All this will support you in redesigning the life you desire from a position of empowerment. You’ll emerge from life coaching reawakened with a renewed awareness to maximise your potential and live the life you desire.

Contact Darragh

If you're interested in living a fulfilled life and a life in purpose, send a message and Darragh will be in touch.