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At-Home Lockdown Ideas to Help Relax & Destress

Life in lockdown is exhausting and stressful. And seemingly never-ending. While there’s not much we can do to control the situation at large, there are some relaxing activities we can do at home in between the daily grind. Here are just a few ideas that can help lift your mood and lighten your day to stay healthy and sane through lockdown.

1. Exercise, or any kind of movement

Any form of exercise acts as a stress reliever because it releases endorphins, your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitter. Besides releasing endorphins, exercise also serves as a distraction from your worries in needing to focus your whole body on getting through the session, whether a few minutes of skipping at home or a half-hour walk. The positive effects of any form of regular exercise include improved mood, better sleep, increased relaxation, and decreased stress.

2. Meditation and Breathing

Other than your body, the equally important other half to a healthier whole you is your mind. While for many the thought of meditation seems a bit out-there, meditation is less about hugging a tree and more about training your brain. The best way to learn meditation is through mindfulness, which simply means being present in the moment, aware of your thoughts and feelings without distractions. For the best results commit to even a few minutes a day, regularly through the week. Apps like Calm, Headspace, and Smiling Mind are all useful resources to help get you started and settled. And if meditation isn’t your cuppa (herbal) tea, controlled breathing has been used for centuries to calm the mind.

3. Aromatherapy

Scents and smells affect our mood and behaviour. This can be both in a negative and positive sense. Aromatherapy is all about bringing out positive feelings and a sense of calm through scented candles and oils. While in normal times, treating yourself to an indulgent aromatherapy massage would be first prize, there are ways you can improvise at home. Good quality candles are an easy way to scent up a room. You can also use aromatherapy diffusers with essential oils to effectively spread a scent across any space. And aromatherapy skin lotion or skin-safe essential oils for pulse-points is another way to enjoy the calming benefits of beautiful scents.

4. Magnesium Baths

Many people claim to feel better and less stressed after a soothing bath in dissolved Epsom salts, also known as magnesium sulphate. Besides feeling more relaxed, Epsom salt baths are also used for muscle relief, insomnia, arthritis pain, swelling, bruises, sprains, and more. For your at-home Epsom salt bath, pour Epsom salts granules into running warm bathwater so that it dissolves well. A box of Epsom salts costs a few dollars off-the-shelf at your local pharmacy. Try soaking for 10 minutes a few times a week. When things settle, for the ultimate out-of-home Epsom salt bath experience, try a weightless and calming session in a dense magnesium-rich float tank.

5. Yoga and Stretching

Yoga is an ancient practice dating back 5000+ years which involves physical poses, deep breathing, stretching, concentration, meditation and relaxation. As a mind and body practice, yoga has many benefits. These include increased endurance, strength, calmness, flexibility, and physical and mental wellbeing. So what’s not to love about yoga? And it’s easier than ever to start or continue to do at home. Apps like Pocket Yoga (for beginners), Simply Yoga (for kids), and Down Dog (for all levels) can help you connect mind, body and spirit.

6. Nature

Many studies have found that green and blue space can help reduce anxiety and depression. Connecting with nature, be it on a neighbourhood trail-walk or potting plants at home, can positively impact on cognitive functioning, emotional wellbeing, and other aspects of mental health. Depending on how far you can venture, make the most of your environment by walking, gardening, bird watching, or even escape to a wildlife park across the world through live streaming.

7. Music

Likened to a comforting auditory blanket that wraps around you, music therapy is known to reduce anxiety and improve quality of life. But it doesn’t have to be anything overly thought-out. Listening to any music that you love at any time can help lift your mood and fill you with a sense of hope and inspiration.

8. Human connection

Staying connected with family, friends and community helps us live longer and makes us happier. This everyday joy that we’ve never had to overthink has become a major source of stress during lockdown. But thanks to technology we can stay in touch with the people we care about, face-to-face, even if not often possible for now in real life.

9. Routine

Whatever mix of stay at-home lockdown remedies you decide on, try sticking to some sort of routine. This can include waking up at a similar time every day to trying to maintain a similar daily schedule. Too much unstructured time can lead to boredom and increased anxiety and depression. As creatures of habit, routine (or a version thereof) is crucial for all ages in helping to bring structure and build purpose day to day.

So even though so much in our daily life may feel out of our control right now, now is also bursting with opportunities to make the most of what we have, and to control the things we can. Like filling our days with bits of positivity where possible so that we can emerge from the uncertainty -- even if wary and weary – just a little bit stronger.

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