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How Floating Gives Elite Athletes the Edge

Training, talent and tenacity are key ingredients for athletic performance. But the stuff champions are made of extends beyond the physical, it’s also a state of mind. This is what makes floating so popular among top athletes.

From pain relief to healing and improved sleep, to stress relief, clarity, and visual focus, floating is liquid therapy that works to rebalance both body and mind -- and it’s enjoyable. But don’t take our word for it, read on to see how top athletes include float tank therapy in their training program to give them the edge.

Tom Brady

Considered as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play football, professional NFL quarterback Tom Brady includes floatation therapy as part of his self-care routine.

Jade Johnson

British long jumper Jade Johnson explains how float tank therapy helped balance body and mind to achieve her personal best of 6.81m to qualify for the Beijing Olympics.

Wayne Rooney

Former England and Manchester United football forward Wayne Rooney has reportedly used float tank therapy to speed up recovery time from injury.

Stephen Curry

Using float tank therapy, NBA champion Stephen Curry teamed up with Kaiser Permanente (one of America’s leading health care providers) to promote mental resilience, mental health and wellness.

Pat Healey

Veteran MMA lightweight Pat Healey is known to use 90-minute float tank sessions to calm down and clear his mind pre-fight as a lead up to victory.

Carl Lewis

American track and field athlete and 9 times Olympic Gold medalist Carl Lewis reportedly used floating extensively before the Seoul Olympics.

Floating Explained. A Quick Rundown.

Float tanks are bath-like pods with a lid, which you can choose to keep open or closed, filled with 300kg of magnesium sulphate in just 30cm of shallow skin-temperature water. Because of the high salt to water ratio, you float effortlessly, lying horizontal, like in the Dead Sea. Float tanks are sterile, designed for one and sessions are usually between 30 to 60 minutes.

For maximum benefit, most floaters choose to lie in the dark in silence. By reducing sensory input -- skin neutral dense water + zero gravity + silence + dark -- floating is an effortless way to reach a deep state of relaxation. As a form of REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy), float tanks used with visualisation techniques for athletes, have proved to enhance performance.

Overall Benefits of Float Tank Therapy

Besides athletic performance, float tank therapy unlocks many benefits, which include:

• Relaxation
• Stress reduction
• Enhanced well-being
• Meditative states
• Enhanced creativity
• Enhanced learning
• Magnesium absorption
• Improved athletic performance and recovery
• Decreased anxiety, depression and pain
• Increased optimism and improved sleep

Joe Rogan: “Everybody should do the tank.”

Actor, writer, Fear Factor host, UFC Commentator, and power podcaster Joe Rogan is also a huge fan of floating. Referred to as ‘the Godfather of floating’, Rogan has spent hours floating, and often shares the many benefits he experiences from floating. Rogan speaks about his love for floating, about feeling lighter, reaching a meditative state, like there’s ‘more oxygen in your body’, and a sense of calmed tension and pure thought.

It’s this clarity of thought and sense of calm that makes floating a popular therapy for some of the world’s top athletes. From muscle recovery (thanks to all that magnesium) to mental training, from relaxation to visualisation, floating serves to rebalance an athlete’s physical and mental state and enhance overall performance.

Even if you’re not a professional athlete, you can still enjoy the proven benefits of float tank therapy to give you the edge.

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