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The Benefits of Heat in Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is all about using heat to heal, to ease pain and to help relax. As an ancient form of natural therapy, hot stone massage uses heated smooth volcanic basalt stones as part of massage therapy to help relax body and mind.

With its origins dating back thousands of years to India and China, from Native America to Hawaii, hot stone massage therapy is considered an alternative and beneficial modern-day natural therapy. Here’s why.

Heat Helps in Healing

For recurring or chronic pain, the right amount of heat in therapy applied correctly has the ability to speed up healing. The role of heat in healing is known to open blood vessels, bringing oxygen and nutrients to that area of the body. So using hot stones in remedial massage can achieve positive results in correctly identified problem areas.

Heat Relaxes

Besides healing, heat also relaxes – body and mind. By using hot stones in massage, your therapist is able to loosen tight muscles with greater ease. And not only do the stones used in hot stone massage have the natural ability to retain heat because they are made of a type of volcanic rock, they are also smooth and flat so they feel amazing on the skin as they stay warm through your massage. This gentle smooth hot-stone-on-skin sensation adds to an induced state of relaxation.

How Hot Stone Massage Works

After warming up the stones in advance to a comfortable and optimal temperature, depending on your specific treatment, your massage therapist will use the hot stones in massage to achieve greater pressure to relax your muscles. Your therapist may also leave the hot stones resting on specific areas of your body like your back, spine, stomach, chest, face, hands, palms, feet and/or toes.

The heat and weight of the stones helps to relieve pain and ease muscle tension.

To maximise the use of temperature to heal, soothe and calm, in some instances your massage therapist may also use cold stones after hot stones. And further, to restore balance, Chakra stones may be placed on areas of your body to increase energy flow to those parts of the body.

So there’s a lot going on with the stones! And for good reason.

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

Some known benefits of hot stone massage include:

• Relieves pain
• Reduces stress
• Relaxes tight muscles
• Improves joint flexibility
• Improves sleep
• Releases toxins
• Improves energy flow
• Improves circulation

Who shouldn’t get a Hot Stone Massage?

While hot stone massage works so well in so many ways for so many people, there are always exceptions. If you’re pregnant, a massage therapist won’t use hot stones in massage. To relieve stress and discomfort in pregnancy, prenatal massage is safer, done by a specialised therapist. Or if you have any other medical conditions like a history of blood clots, skin conditions or burns on your skin, hot stone massage isn’t a safe option. When in doubt, it’s best to speak to your healthcare professional.

What to Expect in a Hot Stone Massage

Your specialised therapist will customise an approach after getting a full understanding of your medical history and your needs. Starting with remedial massage, your therapist will work on your neck, shoulders and back to identify problem areas and tight muscle groups.

Using hot stones -- heated in advance -- your therapist will apply pressure to problem areas and also place these stones on areas of your body, like your spine, hands, and even in between your toes. This helps to improve circulation and improve energy flow to those areas.

To up the level of luxury at our centre we choose to use natural Wadi Wadi Jojoba oil (pronounced ‘ho-ho-ba’) so that the smooth hot stones beautifully glide over your skin. Unique to Australia, because Wadi Wadi Jojoba oil has a molecular structure similar to the skin, using this oil with hot stones makes the skin more receptive to receiving vital nutrients and restoring balance.

Towards the end of your hot stone treatment, we use cool Chakra stones, carefully placed on your face and chest area, increasing energy flow to specific points in the body, also working to restore balance.

All this beautifully combines into a feeling of pure bliss! Because besides using heat for healing, hot stones in massage bring an extra layer of luxury to remedial bodywork. At the end of your hot stone massage you’ll feel transformed -- your body, your mind -- light, free and relaxed.

Bondi Junction Massage & Float Centre is a restorative and remedial oasis of calm and wellbeing in the heart of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, treating thousands of clients since 1985. To find out more about our Hot Stone Massage or any of our other treatments make contact today, or book now.


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