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What about about the hygienic safety for the individual and is the water sterilized?


I will gladly answer your questions and maybe more.

Firstly it is important for you to understand the saline liquid that you 'float' in consists of 600 liters of water and 300kgs of dissolved crystaline Epsom salts (sodium magnesium) Bringing the water to a very high density fluid and skin soft salinity This dissolved salt of its nature does not support parasitic, fungal or bacterial life.

We do know and appreciate that salt has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years as a preservative. We do not intend to bottle you, but preserving your youth and avoid premature aging by encouraging passive toxic release in flotation therapy could definitely be a benefit for all in this line of thought.

The tanks have thermostatically controlled water heaters maintaining skin temperature 35.5 deg. (comfortable for breathing. Above 36 degrees is blood temp..) Floatation has been scientifically designed and tested.

To allay any health related thoughts of cross infection we advise the tanks are thoroughly filtered with high volume filters following each float and a measured amount of 'Spectrosan', an anti-bacterial solution, is added at the end of each day, so combined with the high sodium-magnesium salt concentration of filtered water you maybe assured of a clean “bug’ free safe float.

In addition to filtering after each client the tanks are also filtered through out the night controlled by set electric timers. Filters are constantly changed.

Showers, liquid soap, shampoo and hair conditioner are supplied in each float room, to shower before and after floating.

Float tanks water and salt levels are topped up at the end of the day with more salts to maintain the correct density of the saline solution.

Extra heaters are in each float room for your personal use, and the Centre is also air conditioned.


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