In a letter from America when the Late John Lennon was being a home Dad he wrote to his sister saying :

"During these past five years I have been able to

liberate myself from my own reality"

In another famous quote Albert Einstein said much the same:
A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "Universe," a part limited in time and space.

He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest -- a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.

This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. --Albert Einstein

These wise and wonderful men above lead my mind off to a place of wonderment.

Yes I wondered what each of these famous minds actually meant and if we have become lost and deluded how on earth it did happen.

More to the point is it still happening now and if so what can we do about it.

With thanks to my many self development lessons, which I joking say were, have been and are mostly thick brick walls, I have decided to look at things around my world in a new light having realised that if I change the way I look at things the things I kook at change.

Our nearly 5 year old goes to a Birthday Party.

Yesterday we took our little grand junior boy to a birthday party at Moore Park's Fox studios here in Sydney.

Saturday March 15th 2007 was a beautiful sunny day with a cloudless sky. Upper air conditions were prime for the interweaving crisscrossing webs of international and inter state jet vapor trails, our ever present reminders of life on and in the fast plane.

water_churn_martinSo we the senior members of the family were delegated party goers for the day and made our way with our soon to be 5 year old Mister Grand Junior to the party venue according to the map provided with the hand written invitation. We were also fully equipped with the beautifully wrapped gift for a little girl.

Now we fully appreciate and respect that times have change. At least please allow us that justification if for nothing more than our becoming shorter, rounder and nearly white haired, but birthday celebrations have changed greatly for the modern day executive family.

Birthday celebrations are significant mile posts in our life and help us register events as time naturally passes us across life's journey.

However for many reason I was alarmed yesterday by the blatant progressive commercialization of children as I experienced this totally unconscious mind corrupting adult marketing under the guise of a child's birthday party.

Our Responsibility

As a progressive, supposedly intelligent responsible society we need to take serious stock of these oversights if we are ever going to be able to avoid being swallowed by the DELUSION and loss of loosing contact with our own reality referred to above by Einstein and Lennon.

We arrive at the Bowl

jesse_nan_korroEntry to the facility immediately closes in over the psyche. Entry to a bears cave.

Flashing screens, with conflicting screeching noise and lots of it. No party yet.

It is heavy, sharp, some what overwhelming. My safety senses were immediately alerted as I refocused from the glorious outside day light.

The bodily effect was opressive above and within and around my entire being. The place is overwhelmingly BLACK.

There is no ceiling, to soften shrill noise. Harsh scaffolds, pipes, drains, cables, electronic gizmoes and security cameras all blacked away without light, yet clearly visible and rather threatening as I surveyed the lot.

At night I guess these ideal pigeon lofts would be filled with streaming mirrored lights and a calidescope of swirling colour. But there was no sign of pigeons so what does this tell us.

Immediately on my left I take in a naked raw steel stairway, next left a bar, next left pool tables, a part of me wants to look for the lead light window the brawlers will smash through before they land in the horse trough. No lead light, but a small electronic games room with 500 hp motor bikes fit for Casey Stoner

We are at movie Central after all, my system has ramped up, it begins to run that far in front as the theme of this place invades the psyche.

The cacophony of noise, humper, thumper, screech leaves little room for clear thought.

The main lounge bar area sound system is trying to drown down the party themes from the windowed cages where parents stand around watching their children suppered and "supered up" on bubbling caffeine long blacks with ice, real junk food delights and even more sugar, as they run around all over the furniture and along the back of the lounges, shadow punching themselves in the glass walls.

Cold square vinyl lounges are horded by tubular fencing, skeleton stairs all rather square, boxed in skelatal framed fences which could make really good sheep yards.

Arriving spot on the appointed hour of 10.30 am, present bound we are meet at the entrance for a courteous but nameless introductions excfhanged as greetings with the present dutifully delivered and received.

"Hello you must be X's Mother, Hi I'm YZ" Says a very attractive, smartly dresses 30ish young Mother and party host.

I have to admit this was no place for our soon to be 5 year old to be introduced to the night club scene of the black, drunk and screaming vodka swilling lolly water and Ribena club.

What's more there was no sign of any of those 125kg SECURITY chaps on the door, after all it is Saturday morning and most of those burley ones seem to hybernate until about 9.00 pm.

It just felt so strange and most definitely not our scene.

When we do Grand Junior birthday parties and there have been about 27 of them in with the present batch over the past 16 years we usually have a special picnic in a park or a party at some ones home.

There is always lots of home cooked party healthy food and party goodies so everyone is involved. Whilst all the children playing and have fun and muck around as children are meant to do the adults also have a chance to be big kids, getting involved and playing too, we have a social interconnection of all generations.

This Black hole party was different. Too different, it might just be OK for 18 year old practicing adults, but certainly no place for 5 year olds.

"So how does all this work" I ask as the concerned senior.

"Well, there's a gaming area down in there where they can play till everyone arrives, then we all get together and we go upstairs and do some bowling and when they have had enough we come back down here to the party room over there and have something to eat and "the cake" and then we give them some gaming tokens they can just run around playing or go back to the games or suit themselves.

"Just what sort of games do you mean"?

"Oh just kids games, you know how like we used to have, pin ball machines and that kind of thing".

Clang. Flash Bang.

This is Kindergarten Casino. Just not four reel machines , but for REAL children.

"I'm a gambling Counsellor and I'm not at all keen on having our little boy become addicted to gambling this early" I exclaim.

"Oh its not gambling" I'm reassured. "Just some fun".


Sadly, oh so sadly folks this is exactly how it happens. Conditioned as children to think this is a "good time" we are trained to believe that we have lots of bubbling black caffeine, plenty of noise, and more sugar the mind will be content.

Then later on in life when we get older and are bothered by some issue which we are troubled by and not sure how to resolve,our mind immediately reverts to a state avoiding the emotional and physical senseations of discomfort, for as achild we have been shown and learned learned a way to cut off the senses.

No wonder people go and get a thrill by gambling and drinking their lives away in a vain attempt to avoid their issues as is being highlighted by the Prime Ministers aim to reduce binge drinking.

I really do feel sorry for the Mother who arranged this party.

No doubt she is a busy lady, working full time and just does not have the time or resources available to prepare a birthday party or clean the house of spilt tomato sauce, walked in sausage rolls, party pies, fairy bread sandwiches or half eaten apples, so she just does her best and buys a party site.

Maybe next time we might consider a party at the SCOUT Hall or Centenniel park or the beach would be safer or even consider some of the teachings and neorological development of such young minds as available at the Wakdorf schools .