PSYCHOPATHS_wCorporate Psychopath Test

This is the test you can take to see if your boss could be a corporate psychopath.

It's a modified and cut-down version of just one of the tests used to identify psychopaths in the workplace.

Answer yes or no to each of the following 6 questions and then click on the results button.

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In many modern work place situations we find "globs of power" who have become ensconced behind their their inferiority after riding the corporate pony to promotion have 'done their time' and attended the required training and ticked all the right boxes.

So when any 'fresh blood' arrives on the job these psychopaths feel challenged and make life really difficult for well intended enthusiastic individuals.

After a while you might start feeling that you are banging your head against the wall, no body is listening and the issues are painfully obvious to you that change needs to happen.

In Australia in 2007 this psychopathy was so obvious when the former prime minister Howard simply became trance fixed in right mindedness that he ran the nation aground, totally annihilating his own conservative liberal party.

After 30 years in politics and 11 years as the prime minister the people revolted and regained some power...

This Forced the jugganaut to Give way.

The change of government immediately moving the National psyche away from the rocky shores to open waters of the future came to all and sundry as a breath of fresh air.

With a legacy of issues to correct the incoming Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd began with a belated apology for the past 228 years of neglect and abuse perpetrated over the aboriginal people which a narrow, dominating, ignorant, callous minded psyche of our nation had held and buried in its national heart, soul and being.

Any chance or hope of healing a rift or misunderstanding must begin with a humbling of the ego and an honest and meaningful expression of sorrow.

To say sorry and admit you may have been wrong or out of order to have overlooked or been unaware of some sensitivity, does take courage and is essential for peace from humane suffering at all its fronts, individually, collectively, and internationally and applies to the planet earth.

When there is such a division of consciousness and national leadership influences the minions beneath with single minded oppressive domination over the multi faceted individuals, groups and collective power bases the energy and mood of the people is stifled, suffocated.

In time "they" the the organic powers of nature find extra energy and enthusiasm to throw off the abuser to retaliate, the trauma of the experience scars the organism, be it a plant and anilal, the soil, the sea, or a human life.

For the individual we offer Counselling

For the nation and the world we need Counselled, bi partisan healthy collective conscious government, to rid out the psychopathic "globular factions" of corruption and ignorance. The present 2008 debate about political donations from business is a start to root out some of this "old school" expectation of favours and palm greasing.

These observers and manipilative powers above government also operate from an extended psychopathically deranged domination of egalatarian ignorance, forcing change upon the people of the world.


Fortunately the world is opening and expanding consciousness to expose this corrupt mental disease of favoured door opening politics which is holding the world in a state of delusion. These people bank on control by domination and manipulation through all sources of energy. Oil, electricity, water, minerals, grains, and food resources. Essential needs are reined in, pulled back by manipulating prices and interest rates which holds the populous in the modern prison of economic slavery.

Knowledge is power, the highest and best knowledge is that of the self, to be confident, self assured and free from fear or threat. To do this one need to be released from all material addiction. This does not prevent us from enjoying all the benefits of joys, delights and tastes of life, we just need to know what we can afford and not be trappe3d in the fear driven debt cycle.


The 2008 spiritual uprising in Tibet as China prepares for international exposure for the Olympic games is yet another example of insane psychopathic power such as that experienced and exposed by the ABC comedy team the Chasers when the Howard government turned Sydney into a fenced in prison for the APEC conference in 2007.

These models once again maybe "panoramically" viewed in their differing scales and provide us with organic and scientific evidence of their reality in society.

From little things big things grow.