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Simply Floating explanation

How Floating works to relax and support physical rejuvenation and healing.

how_flotation_worksFloaters are often amused by people who ask them, "but isin't floating boring? I mean just floating around in a tank with nothing happening?"

Indeed floating is where everything happens!

When you place yourself in the large warm float bath, your stresses, your worries, your pain, your fatigue disappear and what occurs is peace, harmony, balance, and freedom.

This is what we know as the state of float.

It is in this state that people experience creativity in their thinking, they heal their physical bodies and allow their emotional expression to be realised.


When people float they experience a sense of discovery, they solve their problems creatively, they experience timelessness and a blissful sense of freedom from pain, suffering and stress.

Once people have experienced floating they would like to be able to control it-to be able to make it happen when they want it.

In everyday life this experience of blissful freedom and peace is elusive, we simply never have or allow ourselves an opportunity to go to this place of absolute rest.

That's why people find flotation therapy so pleasurable.

The flotation tank is a specific and reliable relaxation tool. Your body has an opportunity to allow the psychological guardians to "stand at ease, and then you can dismiss them until you re-entre the outside world.

On the whole floaters experience release from pain, suffering, aches and stress every time they enter the tank.

With flotation therapy people experience long periods of pure, uninterrupted freedom, just floating.

They experience a state of extraordinary alertness which counteracts boredom by involving them selves deeply in awareness.

The flotation experience is one where people engage deeply in their lives.

They experience profound joy, bliss and freedom.

It is life lived at a higher, yet absolutely normal, authentic level of self.