Why 3 Introductory Floats Print


Flotation is a highly individual and personal experience, the experience provokes/evokes unique individual experiential sensations of physical, physiological and psychological nature as ones body deepens to the experience of NOT working to keep us safe and together (i.e. moving into the state of relaxation).

Therefore each float may evoke different sensations according to our ‘state of being' in the present moment.

One float may produce euphoria another, deep relaxation and sleep.

Being a new experience the initial or first float will naturally expose a personal sense of expectation. Then new awareness to old fatigue, retained stress, aches, and twitches as one's body and mind slows and relaxes enough to allow us to become aware of and experience the tension which we unconsciously hold there in , neck, shoulders, chest, lower back, torso, hips, knees, feet.

Such retained tension, having being present in our body all along, previously lurking below conscious awareness, or intentionally denied by our incessant striving to maintain and accommodate the stress and deadlines of life's demands.

It is here at this place of renewed awareness where we may personally recognize the tension and relief which allows the healing process to begin.

Simply by our recognition of this tension we are able to give the body and mind permission to "Let Go".

"It is ok to rest" to let the "All" of you relax, chill out, heal and recuperate.

This recognition allows all the protecting hyper vigilant sensors to switch off, to then enjoy the sensation of being completely and unconditionally held and supported by floating in those safe arms of the water.

The Float water completely holds all of you so the "ALL" of you can rest.

The Individual's experience:

elephantThere is a story of four blind men who for the first time come into contact with an elephant.

One man approaches the trunk and decides that the animal is like a thick and strong rope. Positioned by its foot another man believes the creature is like a strong pillar.

The man at its tail believes it to resemble a supple broom, while the man at its side is emphatic that the animal is like a canvas tent.

They all agree that it is a strange and wondrous creature, but the consensus stops there.

This is why we knowingly recommend three floats for the initial experience.

We want you to see a bigger picture and integrate the greater experience to completely appreciate floating and how you may fit regular therapeutic floating into your life to keep you in touch with erosive aging body tension.

"Life is magnificent: look out to look in or look in to look out."