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float roomsFloat rooms
The Float rooms are private, and have their own security locks. Showers, non allergy hair and organic body products are provided for you and commercial standard hygienic laundered towels and bath robes.


After the float
For after your float, a vanity and relaxing comfortable lounge area is available providing you with a hair dryer, personal skin and hair products, plus enjoy some light refreshments, a glass of filtered water or a hot drink, and time to sit, relax, and ‘ let go' in a safe, peaceful and caring environment.



Two types of float rooms are available in our centre

Single room 1 tank: For a private session


Double room 2 tanks: For a couple's session


 Groups of three friends can float at the same time, two in the twin room and one in the single room.

Door locks, shower in each room, shampoo, body wash, ear plugs, neck pillows, white towels and bathrobes provided.


Vanity area with hairdryer



Relaxing lounge area



A massage after a float
Enjoy the combination of a float and a massage ‘2 hours of bliss' package which is our most popular service.

Couples like to visit us on the weekends and enjoy ‘2 hours of bliss' to share some valuable time together to bond and recover from their weeks stresses.


First time floaters are sometimes reluctant to try floatation therapy. This reluctance is overcome by the offer of a float with your partner or a friend. 

Other people like to bring along a friend or partner, just because it is a nice thing to do!
Obviously there is a difference from floating alone but all the benefits remain exactly the same!


Please see our price list and you will be surprised how this will fit your budget.