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What are Panic Disorders? PDF Print E-mail
panic_disorderPeople with panic disorder suffer severe attacks of anxiety which can make them feel as though they are having a heart attack or are going crazy. Symptoms include heart palpitations, chest pain or discomfort, sweating, trembling, dizziness, difficulty breathing and feelings of losing control.

Panic disorder involves at least one of these attacks followed by a month or more of persistent concern about either a) having another attack, b) worry that the attack means he or she is going crazy or has severe health problems, or c) a significant change in behaviour as a result of the attack (e.g. avoiding places where an attack might occur).

The American Psychiatric Association (2000) defines a panic attack as fear or discomfort that arises abruptly and peaks in 10 minutes or less, and can occasionally last for hours. They are usually unpredictable, and this can lead a sufferer to avoid certain places or situations where a panic attack may occur and from where escape would be difficult or embarrassing.
What is fear to you? PDF Print E-mail



Contained within the chromosomes of the female and the male species are all the essential ingredients, genetic intelligence and blue printed mapping which, when combined into one at the moment of fertilization produces a new being of the parent species.

I believe that in that moment of fertilization the component and energetic spark of life itself is transferred into the new being.

It is this spark of life which germinates and ignites the genetic intelligence which then begins to pulse and can be readily observed and recorded microscopically and later seen pulsing through ultra sounding technology.



Working with the debilitating mental, emotional and physical after math of Depression is becoming a daily occurrence in our Bondi Junction Counselling practice.

Here below are some articles which we on post from Beyondblue the nationally recognised organisation dealing with Depression.

One of the major deterrents to attending Counselling for the Australian community is the erroneous self held belief that we should be able to look after our self, unfortunately our social conditioning and childhood exposure to many and varied forms of dysfunctional social attitudes and behaviour leaves us with the mental impression and unfortunate state of habitual unconscious behaviour which our psyche reverts to when ever some emotional trigger of discomfort activates a contracting response fear driven, breath withholding response from old learned unconsciously stimulated behaviour.

andrew_johnsAndrew Johns the amazing football player in a down moment.

His career was plagued by high personal expectations which most probably placed too great a demand on his total being and the slumps, wounds and disappoiintments were at times too distressing for him to manage, so he "partied" through them to arrive at an even great abyss to be met.

Desk Bound Thrombosis NZ Report PDF Print E-mail

thronbosisThe dangers of being desk bound

Research just out suggests that those of us who spend long hours working at a desk are more likely to develop deep vain thrombosis (DVT).

It was previously thought that DVT mainly struck passengers on long haul plane flights - not anymore. We look at the ways you can avoid this new office danger.

Sitting at a desk for hours working at a computer may earn you brownie points with your boss, but doctors are now warning that it could also damage your health. While most of us are aware of the risks of sore eyes or a stiff neck, it now appears that lack of movement could make millions of workers vulnerable to a new health risk - 'e-thrombosis'.

E-thrombosis is a type of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and is the same condition known to affect airline passengers which has killed several apparently healthy passengers. Thrombosis, or blood clots, form when people are sitting for long periods in one place, especially where the legs may be cramped or circulation restricted.

DVT has previously been linked with long haul air travel and with the elderly, but research just out of New Zealand suggests that office workers are also at risk.
A study at the Medical Research Institute in Wellington, New Zealand, examined the cases of 62 people with DVT and discovered that 34 per cent had spent long periods sitting at their desks at work.



Relaxation techniques are valuable stress reducers. At a physical level they lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and breathing, and bring brain waves into Alpha mode, which is the ideal level of activity for creative problem solving, extracting things from your memory, and programming the subconscious with positive concepts (especially useful when goal setting).

Create a buffer zone between you and your trigger point. The more regularly you do any of these stress busters, the quicker the results.

Aim to create a routine, almost a ritual, to go with your main relaxation process.

Just beginning the familiar elements will trigger a drop in stress levels. You may use candles, a prayer, a familiar place, a particular posture or breathing routine.

Develop something you can use as a quick trigger wherever you are.

Begin your day with positive thoughts. (See affirmations below). If you are challenged for time, say (or better still sing) them in the shower, with as much emotion as you can.

Whenever you review what is coming up, phrase your thoughts positively, and expect the best possible outcome, even if you don't currently know what that is.

What Is Hakomi Way PDF Print E-mail


I'm pleased to give you permission to link to the articles on my web page.


The late Ron Kurtz, Founder and originator of the Hakomi Method of Psychotherapy


Cracking the Nut of Self Realisation PDF Print E-mail

brain_imageWe all get upset from time to time and like fine clocks some of us are more finely calibrated than others, so it takes very little to be disturbed or rocked from the general parameters of ‘normality' and occasionally with a 'knock' we might miss a beat or two or possibly become derailed completely.

The human system is a classic organic clock with the heart keeping the beat

nut_crackerWorking with and studying stress and trauma is exciting and rewarding to both our clients and our self as we take on broader, more expansive and deeper self awareness with body sensitive psychotherapy as a form of self study to better know and understand the path way upon which we make life's journey.

After spending most of my life denying or more to the point suppressing the exposure of my strong defensive emotion I have now progressed to a place confident enough in myself to allow my emotions to be expressed with the deliberate intention of getting the experience into the open where I can have a look at it and study the reasons underlying my regular disturbance and apparent lacking sense of safety about which I need to defend and protect myself.

Why am I afraid?

What am I afraid of?

Or am I afraid at all?


Counselling and Body Centered Psycho Therapy

....something seems to be missing in my life.

Our Counsellors are trained, mature, experienced, professionally qualified, psycho therapists who are able to assist untangle lifes confusion of anxiety, frustration, depression or disappointments.

So you may clear your way from former inhibitions. Find and recover strengthen confidence and your self esteem so that you become mindful to emotional sensations, becoming self aware, in so doing we become able to avoid being disassociated or endlessly wounded, by feeling small, shy, frustrated, angry, embarrassed or simply not good enough.

MEMES PDF Print E-mail

susan_blackmoreRecent research progress is expanding social appreciation with awareness of somatic body therapy for physiological and psychological development detailing irrefutable, break through knowledge for the "progressive" rate and method of survival
for all life forms including planet earth.

Technology and the internet is certainly mushrooming this renewed multi dimensional enlightening merge of scientific awareness coupled with biological evidence across every cellular memory of all living organicity of our universe.

Most certainly this knowledge supports the physical practices of body massage therapy and psychotherapy to take on new found respect with greater sensitivity and understanding to the science of touch through actual body therapy and with it the release of all forms of unconsciously retained toxic energy, the unresolved waste of all trauma.

richard_dawkinsNow thoroughly qualified theses once theoretical studies reveal evolutionary developmental meaning wonderfully captured by the term meme a word coined by Professor Richard Dawkins (pictured) to describe the selfish gene is now being expanded into an advanced continuing technological evolutionary theory by Susan Blackmore.

Physiological and Personality Development

From our years of working "hands on" with massage and psycho therapy we do well know and understand the progressive influence
to physical conformity often due to some restricted protective or defensive mental attitude, and burdened foundation experiences
which also become apparent through developmental behaviour, body shaping stance, flexibility, movement and personality all contributing to structural conformity of body shape to survive in safety.

Our body and mind therapy is about releasing those unconscious withholding constrictions due to false alarms and inherited mental patterns to allow the human body to fully develop its natural potential to simply be itself.

Passive Aggression PDF Print E-mail

Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder

People with PAPD are characterized by covert obstructionism, procrastination, stubbornness, and inefficiency. Such behavior is a manifestation of passively expressed underlying aggression. In the DSM-IV the disorder is also called negativistic PD.


1 - PAPD patients characteristically procrastinate, resist demands for adequate
performance, find excuses for delays, and find fault with those on whom they
depend; yet they refuse to extricate themselves from the dependent relationships.

2 - They usually lack assertiveness and are not direct about their own needs and wishes.
They fail to ask needed questions about what is expected of them and may become
anxious when forced to succeed or when their usual defense of turning anger against
themselves is removed.

3 - In interpersonal relationships, these people attempt to manipulate themselves into
a position of dependence, but others often experience this passive, self-detrimental
behavior as punitive and manipulative.

4 - People with this disorder expect others to do their errands and to carry out their
routine responsibilities.

5 - Friends and clinicians may become enmeshed in trying to assuage the patients' many
claims of unjust treatment.

6 - The close relationships of people with PAPD, however, are rarely tranquil or happy.
Because they are bound to their resentment more closely than to their satisfaction,
they may never even formulate goals for finding enjoyment in life.

7 - People with this disorder lack self-confidence and are typically pessimistic about the

ADD/ADHD in Children PDF Print E-mail

Recognizing the signs, symptoms and effects

All children get fidgety or impatient from time to time. Now and then, their attention wanders or they need to run around and blow off steam. And as we know, sometimes kids say the darndest things. But when inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior are the norm for a child, it may be a sign of ADHD. ADHD can lead to problems at home and at school, with family, teachers, and peers, so it's important to identify the symptoms and get help.

What is ADD or ADHD?

You know these kids: the ones who can't sit still, the ones who never seem to listen, who don't follow instructions no matter how clearly you present them, who blurt out inappropriate comments at inappropriate times. There's at least one in every classroom, and that one may be yours, because attention deficit disorder (ADD) affects people across the spectrum of race, class, gender, and age.

Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (ADD/ADHD) is a neurological condition that makes it difficult for people to inhibit their spontaneous responses-responses that can involve movement, speech, and attentiveness. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that between 3 and 5 percent of children in the United States have ADHD. This means that in a classroom of 25 to 30 children, at least one is likely to have ADHD.

Types of ADD/ADHD

There are three subtypes of ADD/ADHD:

1 - Predominantly inattentive
2 - Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive
3 - Combined: inattentive and hyperactive-impulsive

That means children with ADD/ADHD don't all have the same problems. Some are hyperactive, while others sit quietly (with their attention miles away). Some put too much focus on a task and have trouble shifting it to something else. Others are only mildly inattentive but overly impulsive. Still others have significant problems in all three areas.

ADD & ADHD in Females PDF Print E-mail

ADHD in Females

Alicia M. Zukas

Grace is a second grader. She sits quietly with her hand folded in front of her and watches tv. She sees Dumbo and thinks of the stuffed elephant on her bed. She remembers her brother winning it for her at a carnival, where she got to ride a pony and eat cotton candy. A few minutes pass, and Grace has no idea what is happening around her or on the cartoon. She is not worried, because there really isn't a time that her mind is not wandering.

Grace is a well mannered little girl, but suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Like most girls with ADHD, she is not physically hyperactive like the common misconception of people with ADHD. She represents a quarter of the undiagnosed cases of ADHD in females (1). According to the site "What is ADHD..." to be diagnosed as ADHD, a person must fit at least six of the following hyperactive/ impulsive characteristic:

1 - often fidgets with hands or squirms in seat;
2 - often leaves seat in classroom or in other situations in which remaining seated is
3 - often runs about or climbs excessively in which it is inappropriate (in adolescents and
adults, may be limited to subjective feelings of restlessness);
4 - often has difficulty playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly;
5 - is often "on the go" or often acts as if "driven by a motor" á often talks excessively;
6 - often blurts out answers before questions have been completed; á often has difficulty
awaiting turn;
7 - often interrupts or intrudes on others (e.g. butts into conversations or games)

Hyperactivity and impulsiveness are not both needed to be ADHD. An ADHD individual without hyperactivity is interchangably referred to as ADD, which most ADHD females are.

Imagine PDF Print E-mail

Early Years Of John Winston Ono Lennon

lennon-bioNot until one is really prepared to look at and makes a study of the amazing peacework John Winston Ono Lennon performed through out his short life as he evolved from basically a neglected abandoned orphan in the occasional care of his Aunt Mimi does one begins to wonder just how the mind of man develops considering we are all unique individuals.

John Winston Ono Lennon was an enlightened soul freed from dysfunctional bondage which often traps us in multiple forms of dependency and attachment.

Such a beautiful sensitive knowing soul living on with us through his courage and music to free the wold of bondage and greed.

A Beautiful boy

u_s__vs_john_lennonIn the documentary The U.S. vs. John Lennon we are given a very interesting overview of the patriarchal domination and corruption of the order of the world according to the disgraced US president Richard Nixon who history has shown obviously would go to any length to hold power.

Seems as though the identical situation is occurring now as we approach the 2008 Beijing Olympics as China's wicked oppression of its people is receiving some exposure in the international media, however very little will change as the great martyrs of the world have proved since time began. They have all been shot or crucified for the cause.

Such is the shame ridden and fear blinded world in which many remain imprisoned.In saying many remain imprisoned I mean mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and psychologically imprisoned because we have unconsciously developed a natural personality or set of fear motivated behavioural practices, both conscious and unconscious, setting up an ever vigilant arousal to any perceived danger as we have needed to protect our self from very very early child hood traumatic wounding.

Many people do actually believe they have to fight to stay alive. Fight to accumulate, to fearfully protect, to keep, their valueless toys, and egotistically held possessions of status.

That is so so sad. So so sad. When there is more than enough to go around for all.



In a letter from America when the Late John Lennon was being a home Dad he wrote to his sister saying :

"During these past five years I have been able to

liberate myself from my own reality"

In another famous quote Albert Einstein said much the same:
A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "Universe," a part limited in time and space.

He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest -- a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.

This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. --Albert Einstein

These wise and wonderful men above lead my mind off to a place of wonderment.

Yes I wondered what each of these famous minds actually meant and if we have become lost and deluded how on earth it did happen.

More to the point is it still happening now and if so what can we do about it.

With thanks to my many self development lessons, which I joking say were, have been and are mostly thick brick walls, I have decided to look at things around my world in a new light having realised that if I change the way I look at things the things I kook at change.


PSYCHOPATHS_wCorporate Psychopath Test

This is the test you can take to see if your boss could be a corporate psychopath.

It's a modified and cut-down version of just one of the tests used to identify psychopaths in the workplace.

Answer yes or no to each of the following 6 questions and then click on the results button.

Read the Corporate Psychopaths story >>



Observation by Rod McClure JP

Over the years many of us have experienced moments of anxiety to varying degrees, just yesterday I made mentioned to Carol my partner about one of her grand sons starting school that day, immediately her eyes welled with fresh tears as the realisation of the little baby boy was moving out of hisinfant zone and growing up to 'big school boy'.

Even though this little man has already experienced a graduation from "Gum Nuts" to "Dolphins" however the big school calls for big hats and big school bags, new lunch boxes and big school clothes.

baby_bellakObviously this touching moment set off some deep seated or shallow seated lurking emotion memory within her being. After many years of self development our awareness to these natural instances becomes accepted, allowed, expressed and understood after all there is a sense of bonding loss in such a weaning, a separation and with this there is natural grief to be experienced as there is with any loss. We are experiencing more cases of anxiety in our work as the world "progress". Of course as we become more sensitive and familiar with our selves we also become more aware of this unconscious wound of separation which actually begins in this life at our day of birth, the more esoteric teachings may take this situation to the beginning of living existence. We prefer to just work from a level where all people may accept, their birth. This infant has "bubbled "along dividing and developing for 280 or so days, or about 10 moons from conception. All snug as a bug in a rug tucked up in Mothers warm nourishing womb and then at some pre determined hour the flood gates open and we are pressured to make our way out down a narrow dark passage and into this whole new noisy world of bright lights, new sterile smells and the incredible and frightening experience of having air enter our lungs as the embryonic fluids and fetal meconium are cleared from our air ways .

Divorce & Separation PDF Print E-mail

Multiplication is the name of the game and each generation just plays it the same.

So what is happening in New South Wales alone for 14,482 couples or 28,964 individuals in 2006 to have their marriages legally terminated by divorce and separation after being together on average for 7.6 years.

1986_to_2006_graphImmediately we identify a direct relationship with financial pressure and interest rates.

Maybe in this study we have actually found an explanation for the foundation of the "7 year itch", however we would like to offer an opportunity to actually study just what is happening in your relationship and why you or your partner think separation will make either or both of you happy.

Yes, sure you will be able to come and go and spend time and money as you please.

But what exactly is it that you think your partner is doing to you which will change in you when the offending partner is out of your life.

Spiritual Implications of Brain Research PDF Print E-mail

Spiritual Implications of Brain Research

by Peter Holleran

"There is no machine that can measure a person's realization."

- Tsoknyi Rinpoche

This will be a short summary of the results of brain-wave studies conducted on mediators over the past thirty years, and conclusions that may be drawn from them.

One of the first areas of study involved Transcendental Meditation (TM). While touting the many healthy benefits of meditation, it was shown that TM reduced certain brain wave frequencies and increased others in research subjects, which was assumed to imply stress reduction. There has been much written, both pro and con regarding these results and other effects of the technique and organization.

According to TM, slowing alpha activity during meditation indicates deeper relaxation. This conclusion was challenged, however, by Arthur Janov and his associates at the Primal Institute in Los Angeles. Janov conducted his own studies after having some advanced Vedanta monks come to his clinic for therapy after suffering nervous breakdowns. Janov was of the opinion after seeing such types that meditation was definitely "anti-primal", or dissociative of the body and feelings.

His research showed that in neurotic meditators (i.e.,those who had not done primal therapy) the results were similar to those produced by the TM people, with reduced alpha and beta wave frequencies, but that the wave amplitude was increased, which to him implied that an element of deep repression still existed in the meditators.

In other words, the TM form of meditation they did only achieved symptom suppression (pseudo-calmness) and not deep release or healing of core repressed pain. The natural history of the nervous system remained intact, and there was no integration between the reptilian, limbic, and cortical levels of the brain, which when achieved Janov saw as the sign of mental health and freedom from neurosis.

A Simpler Way PDF Print E-mail

A Simpler Way

Margaret Wheatley & Myron Kellner-Rogers

Being some what conversant with Margaret J Wheatley's earlier work in Leadership and the New Science a 1992 publication by Berrett- Koehler Publishers Inc. we came upon a review of the above book by Paul Schumann and decided to post some points of interest from that review here on our Relationship Counselling segment for those people interested in expanding their understanding of self, systems generation and group dynamics as we progress towards a wholesome momentary understanding, towards the ever evolving possibility and potential of the ‘self'.

"Aggression is inherently destructive of relationships.
People and ideologies are pitted against each other, believing that in order to survive, they must destroy the opposition."
Margaret J. Wheatley

So our Counselling motto is

If we change the way we look at things the things we look at can change.

This way we all have the opportunity to grow and progress towards a wholesome organism

To actually become aware of the self just as we are in the moment..


Our intention here is for the possibility of seeing that maybe we could get on better with those around us if we loosened up some of our old attitudes and expectations.

That is of course taking into consideration the possibility that we are prepared to ‘turn the other cheek' or in other words step back for moment and mindfully study and observe what is occurring with in us at any given moment when we feel some what disturbed, up set, angry, offended or excited.


"Facing Off" with the LOVE ABLE SELF

helenAnthropologist Helen Fisher studies gender differences and the evolution of human emotions. She's best known as an expert on romantic love, and her beautifully penned books -- including Anatomy of Love and Why We Love -- lay bare the mysteries of our most treasured emotion.
In this recent lecture anthropologist Helen questions us and discusses love.

Why do we crave love so much, even to the point that we would die for it?

To learn more about our very real, very physical need for romantic love, Helen Fisher and her research team took MRIs of people in love -- and people who had just been dumped.

This makes for some very interesting primal, organic, biological questioning and most definitely sheds more light and knowledge into our basic need for a mate to share the intimacy associated with the highest prize of relationship.

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