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Acupuncture – A Gateway To Health And Wellness!


The main aim of acupuncture is to promote health and give relief from pain and suffering.

It is one of the three main branches of traditional Chinese medicine; the others are herbal medicine and tui na.

It is the method that has been in use over 2000 years.


What is acupuncture?

what_is_acupunctureIt is the practice of inserting needles into acupuncture points of your body to achieve pain relief and healing.

For thousands of years, the Chinese have developed this unique system of medicine. No one knows exactly how acupuncture came about. Some say that it began when the ancient medicine men of China observed that when sharp objects pierced the flesh the ailments suffered by individuals were relieved or cured. Over the centuries, the Chinese have mapped the channels of energy (Qi), which cover the body. Points along these channels were found to have specific health benefits when pierced by fine needles. There are in excess of 360 points on the 12 channels. During a treatment session, anywhere between 2 and 20 points may be punctured. In the main, acupuncture treatment is painless, although some patients do experience various sensations associated with the stimulation of the Qi energy.

Chronic Back Pain

Is_Acupuncture_EffectiveIs Acupuncture Effective For Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain is one of the most difficult conditions to treat with regular medications.

Millions of people around the world are suffering with back pain.

Even though it is difficult for you to get better relief from back pain with regular medications, acupuncture can give you long-lasting benefits in the treatment of chronic back pain.

Chinese Acupuncture

Chinese_ AcupunctureChinese Acupuncture To Handle Different Health Conditions!

In this modern world, because of goals and desires, many people are working hard towards successful life.

Because of the overwork load, tensions and emotions, you will be under stress.
You have to overcome this stress condition for maintaining good health and to have a healthier life style.

You can restore your health and your internal balance with Chinese acupuncture.

Chronic Migraine

chronic_migraineScientific Report, Acupuncture Effective Against Migraine

Those who suffer the interminable discomfort or pain caused by migraines and headaches often turn to swallowing large amounts of pills and lying in a darkened room for three days.

An ancient but seemingly effective alternative is the Chinese medical art of acupuncture.

Scientists have published the results of a study in the highly respected British Medical Journal that for the first time indicates the effectiveness of acupuncture on chronic headaches and migraines.

Chronic Headaches

chronic_headacheIs Acupuncture Effective For Chronic Headaches?

A new study suggests that acupuncture may bring some added pain relief to people with chronic headaches.

The study, the largest to date on using acupuncture to ease headaches, adds to a conflicting body of evidence: Some research has suggested that adding acupuncture to standard headache medication brings patients additional pain relief; other studies, however, have found that "sham" acupuncture - using blunted needles that do not pierce the skin - is as effective as the real thing.

Lose Weight

loose_weightAcupuncture To Lose Weight And Keep It Off!

According to Chinese medicinal system, excessive gain of weight is mainly an imbalance within your body due to malfunction of the spleen and liver organ systems.

From the perspective of Chinese medicinal system, foods, acupuncture points and herbs that are specifically picked to help with weight loss directly influence the Qi of the liver and spleen to cure the root inequalities that are leading to weight gain.

From the western point of view, Chinese medicinal system and acupuncture shows an effect on the functioning endocrine system, nervous system, digestive system and food cravings.

Ear Acupuncture

ear_acupunctureEar Acupuncture Effective For Many Chronic Conditions!

Ear acupuncture, also known as auricular therapy, is widely used for many conditions.
Your ear is the main focal point for many of the important organs of your body.

Therefore any ailments in your body can be easily cured with this auricular therapy.
Most of the chronic diseases are easily treated with the ear acupuncture.

Auricular acupuncture is also used for the treatment of arthritis problem, indigestion, headache, asthma, anxiety, hearing loss, weight loss treatment, and also cures hot flashes in women.

Side Effect Treatment

cancer_treatmentAcupuncture For Side Effects Of Cancer Treatment

Acupuncture is a common traditional Chinese medicine that has been adapted by the Western countries.

It involves the inserting of needles into specific points on the human body. It makes you wince a little bit at the thought of needles all over your body.

But these are not normal needles that we use when sewing. They use a specific needle for this, called the filform needles.

Acupuncture has been known to treat persistent hiccups, constipation, Arthritis, headaches, Paresthesias and many more.

Pain Suffers

pain_suffersChronic Pain Sufferers Helped By Acupuncture

If you suffer from chronic pain, such as back pain or migraines, you have probably tried many different medications for relief.

Now relief for chronic pain can be found through needles - Chinese acupuncture needles, to be specific.

Recent studies showed that acupuncture treatment was better at relieving chronic pain than painkillers. However, researchers haven't figured out exactly why acupuncture works so well.


MoxibustionIn addition to needles being inserted in to the body, moxa and cupping may be employed as part of a treatment plan. Moxa is a herb that is both placed on the needle and burnt or used generally to heat a specific area of the body. Moxibustion is employed to strengthen the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Moxibustion can treat joint pain, muscular pain, and the pain of injuries, menstrual pain and even generalised pain. Some people who use it to treat pain swear it works better than the pain medicine that is available on the market today. Part of the reason moxibustion works so well for pain is that it increases blood flow to the painful area, which acts as an analgesic and promotes prompt healing. Back pain is often very difficult to treat, but you can use moxibustion to do it successfully.

Yin And Yang

Yin_And_YangAcupuncture, Yin And Yang And Modern Medicine

The basis of Chinese medicine revolves around the basic principle of yin and yang which are two opposing energy forces that reside inside the body.

Once the two forces are balanced then the body is able to achieve both wellness and health.

One way to reach this balance is through the practice of acupuncture which is the practice of placing needles into meridian points along the body.

Acupuncture also can involve the manipulation of the needles and the use of heat therapy as heat is supposed to allow energy to flow freely throughout the blocked body allowing for better energy and less disease.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial_Rejuvenation_AcupunctureLook your absolute best without Botox or surgery

Widely used in China for many years to prevent the onset of wrinkles and facial lines, Cosmetic Acupuncture increases the blood and energy flow to specific facial areas to hydrate, plump up and boost the supply of nutrients and oxygen to them.


• Reduction of wrinkles as new collagen is produced
• Improve the overall elasticity of facial muscles
• Prevents against the formation of new wrinkles
• Fine lines erased and deeper lines reduced
• Reduce dark shadows under the eyes
• Firm up bags beneath the eyes
• General firming and lifting
• Clears, or reduces, age spots

Cosmetic acupuncture is an excellent alternative to surgery. It is less costly, pain free, and very safe. For the best results, it is recommended that you start with 6 weekly treatments followed by monthly maintenance treatments.


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