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Early Bird Special
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Observation by Rod McClure JP

Over the years many of us have experienced moments of anxiety to varying degrees, just yesterday I made mentioned to Carol my partner about one of her grand sons starting school that day, immediately her eyes welled with fresh tears as the realisation of the little baby boy was moving out of hisinfant zone and growing up to 'big school boy'.

Even though this little man has already experienced a graduation from "Gum Nuts" to "Dolphins" however the big school calls for big hats and big school bags, new lunch boxes and big school clothes.

baby_bellakObviously this touching moment set off some deep seated or shallow seated lurking emotion memory within her being. After many years of self development our awareness to these natural instances becomes accepted, allowed, expressed and understood after all there is a sense of bonding loss in such a weaning, a separation and with this there is natural grief to be experienced as there is with any loss. We are experiencing more cases of anxiety in our work as the world "progress". Of course as we become more sensitive and familiar with our selves we also become more aware of this unconscious wound of separation which actually begins in this life at our day of birth, the more esoteric teachings may take this situation to the beginning of living existence. We prefer to just work from a level where all people may accept, their birth. This infant has "bubbled "along dividing and developing for 280 or so days, or about 10 moons from conception. All snug as a bug in a rug tucked up in Mothers warm nourishing womb and then at some pre determined hour the flood gates open and we are pressured to make our way out down a narrow dark passage and into this whole new noisy world of bright lights, new sterile smells and the incredible and frightening experience of having air enter our lungs as the embryonic fluids and fetal meconium are cleared from our air ways .

What a shock, no wonder we cry, being so roughly handled, hung up by our ankles, smacked and sucked to drain. Of course this is the perfect arrival, others have had much more traumatic and scary landings. Any readers who have been to the winter snow know the chest snapping experience of the morning breath when we step out from the warm chalet to the frosty morning air, we are compelled to muffle the air and breathe through our scarf as we adjust to that chill. Just imagine how the first breath feels to a baby? Our body remembers all of this, no apparent cognitive recognition because at this early stage that part of us has not developed sufficiently, we are still at the feeling stage where we cry when we feel hungry, cold, or awake from our slumbering progress and alone away from that rhythmic Motherly pulse which has been our former comforter. Here at this abandonment moment we crave contact, love, nourishment and nurture.

When its not freely forthcoming parts of us begin to contract and shrivel in binds of undernourishment.


Hence any sense of separation from an intimate bond may contact residual memory and with that, the sense of sadness and loss to varying degress according to our initial doses of loving nourishment.

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