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Early Bird Special
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floatationTHE FLOAT TANK

The float tank is a large bath of near body temperature 35.5 C, warm water containing a highly concentrated and dense salt solution (epsom salt - magnesium sulphate) to increase buoyancy, this allows you to float effortlessly.

The silence safety and warmth of the environment is naturally conducive to relaxation and peace of mind. Released to float in suspension without the body experiencing the effects of gravity and outside distractions, your entire being achieves levels of rest much deeper than you have ever previously experienced.

One hour of floating is equivalent to 6 hours sleep.


The float tank is also the ultimate tool for enhancing sports performance. The accelerated removal of lactic acid, pain and stiffness means a faster recovery and therefore allowing more frequent training. You can even train in the tank. Studies have shown that rehearsing an event in the mind while the body is relaxing can improve your performance just as much as actual practice. A float will banish nervousness and focus your mind prior to that big sporting event, speech or performance.

Accelerated Sports training (mental rehearsal, also for muscle fatigue and for Muscle recovery) & Self-improvement Programs (such as weight loss, quit smoking etc, by using Motivational tapes)


  • Upon arrival your booking time and after float process is confirmed.
  • Our hosting receptionist seeks your personal details and also you are invited to make a "nature stop", after all you are going to be 95% immerced in a bath for the next hour.
  • Then you are shown into your own private tank room.
  • We also have a double room for couples with two tanks. (See packages below)
  • Here your host explains in detail all the necessary simple procedures, in addition you are offered a sheet of written notes to assist ally any uncertainty so you may confirm your understanding for your own safety.
  • Each client is also supplied with disposable ear plugs.
  • We want you to be assured, reassured, safe and comfortable as you begin your session.
  • After a shower and shampoo, with all the toiletries supplied, you then step naked into the tank. Your welcome to wear swimmers if you are in any way unsure.
  • You can and may enter and leave the tank at will.
  • We do request that if you leave the tank that you rinse in the shower before moving out of the room as the salt solution leaves "snowy" crystalline foot prints all over our carpet once it dries.
  • Once in the tank you close the entry shutter, simply lie back on the water, stretch out your legs and your entire body is effortlessly floated hugged and supported by the displaced warm water blanket.
    Close your eyes, here natural relaxation process takes over as you begin to unwind back to a time before your body took on the alerts necessary for street life.
  • You can now switch off for the next hour and be free, your true naked, unmasked real self.
  • Here you may rest knowing gentle calm music will signals the end of your session.
  • After a shower to rinse off, those clients taking advantage of the Two Hours of Bliss Package shower and put on the supplied bath robe and proceed to their pre arranged massage therapist.
  • Those not having a following massage dress and move to the after-floating lounge, where you are welcome to 'take time' gradually preparing yourself for the outside world.
  • Here you are invited to make yourself feel at home, help yourself to a hot beverage or pure oxygen enriched water and freely use the vanity area where a hair dryer, brushes and quality skin and hair products are provided.


    There are many questions you may have concerning floating, such as

    Will I roll over Or Sink? No.

    Will my skin prune? No.

    Will I feel closed in? No.You are free to leave the roller shutter open if you so choose.

    How long is a float?

    Each session is for one hour, which just simply never feels enough once you are accustomed to the great sense of relaxation attained.

    For this very reason alone we invite you to extend your state of well being by slowly enjoying a warm drink and just letting your body process and integrate it's rediscovered state of ease and relaxation for a little while longer in our lounge whilst you are still in a mindful and more aware state of self rest and self appreciation.

    Previous there has been a tendency to "Soldier on", tough it out, put up with and ignore our bodies to our peril in latter years.

    Fortunately we now know better and are able to offer this comprehensive healing, health and rest Centre for essential body restoration.

    Click here to read more FAQ about floatation.

    Please, do feel welcome to contact us and we will only be too pleased to answer all and any of your questions.

    Better still, come and visit our Centre, we will happily show you our the only Float Tanks in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and answer all your questions and allay any uncertainties you may have.

    Call the Centre on 93877355 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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