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We're a nation of insomniacs, with more than a third of adults suffering from lack of sleep at any one time. Stressful, busy lifestyles are often to blame for inadequate shut-eye, but finding a solution to the problem can often add to the burden.

In more recent times, those suffering from sleep deprivation have been turning their attention to floatation therapy. This type of therapy can bring many health benefits, but tackling insomnia is one benefit it has been merited for.

Just how can floatation therapy help with insomnia? The process of floating in water is a relaxing experience for the mind and body, which can reduce stress, worries and anxiety, helping to aid a better night's sleep. Some health experts argue that an hour in a floatation tank can provide the same amount of rest as up to eight hours of deep sleep!

Even if your mind is still racing during a floatation session, the effects of the therapy are physiological, meaning it will automatically relax the body, helping to lower blood pressure and heart rate. The session can relax muscles and reduce physical aches and pains, which can prevent people from sleeping well at night. By allowing the body to relax, the brain also shifts from alpha waves to sleep-inducing theta waves, which are the cornerstone for promoting deep sleep.

Since the experience is so relaxing, many people actually fall asleep during their floatation session. This is perfectly normal, and safe. The Epsom salts in the water enable you to stay afloat on your back, so you don't need to worry about the possibility of drowning.


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