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Early Bird Special
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"Relax and drift away" one hour floating is equivalent to
6 hours sleep for your body.


Floating is today's most advanced and scientifically proven way of eliminating stress, tension and fatigue from your life.

Floating regularly strengthens the body's ‘relaxation response' and can considerably reduce chances of stress-related illness now or later in your life. Floating is effortless and the benefits are immediate and profound. Scientific tests have shown that floating:

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We're a nation of insomniacs, with more than a third of adults suffering from lack of sleep at any one time. Stressful, busy lifestyles are often to blame for inadequate shut-eye, but finding a solution to the problem can often add to the burden.

In more recent times, those suffering from sleep deprivation have been turning their attention to floatation therapy. This type of therapy can bring many health benefits, but tackling insomnia is one benefit it has been merited for.

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By Simon Edds


elation of flotation therapy

Woman floating in water, Weeki Wachee spring, Florida.


It sounds like the opening line of a traveling medicine man's big sell: "In just one hour, the debilitating symptoms of your anxiety, insomnia,depression, stress and even jet lag can be greatly improved!"

Hordes of eager customers gather round, hands raised in the air, each stuffed full of cash, wanting to buy this mystery man's mystery tonic.

As implausible as this sounds, such a remedy may be closer than you might expect.
Lotions and potions might not be the answer if you are suffering from one (or all) of the above-listed chronic illnesses, but there is one invention that stands a good chance of helping you feel better, inside and out – and far from being the new kid on the block, it's celebrating its 60th anniversary next year.

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by lordducksworth




How to do something good without doing anything at all


As I approach my 40th birthday, I am well aware of a number of limitations my own body is putting upon me. I was never a strong runner, but my ability to run for an entire game of Ultimate Frisbee has been severely impacted by my pack-a-day habit. And although I do go to the gym every now and then, my levels of commitment and motivation are those of a satiated sloth, which means my early morning workout / jog effectively don't exist. My diet consists of foods that I like to eat and the things that I like to eat are not really very productive to a healthy, working body. There's a bunch of things I shouldn't do that I do too much of. And another bunch of things that I should be doing that I don't do enough of. And I should be feeling a little guilty about it, but that's really counter-productive.

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a relaxing way to stay afloat

Cumberland Courier

I OFTEN complain that there aren't enough hours in my day. It seems that other people get more done than I do. They read more books and turn up to work with perfect hair
after having caught up with a friend for breakfast, when I feel like I have rolled out of bed and hit the floor running, forgetting practically everything I need. So naturally, being in this almost constantly frazzled state, I need a little more than a glass of wine and an early night to help me relax.

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floatation-suitAuthor: Colin Stanwell-Smith
CEng director Floataway

What is Floatation therapy?
One or more sessions of floatation, usually for sixty minutes, in a purpose built float tank containing Epsom salt solution at 35.4 degrees Celsius. The solution's relative density is 1.25 making it impossible not to float, usually supine (except for pregnant women see below).

The temperature is correct for maintaining body temperature without muscular action and there is no postural requirement either, so a profound state of relaxation is achieved within 15 to 20 minutes. Endorphins are released encouraging a feeling of well being. Blood flow in capillaries and soft tissue is maximised. Muscles in spasm tend to release. Because there is no contact pressure it is possible to float for many hours without any impulse to turn, even in deep sleep. Floatation has been academically studied extensively since about 1975, particularly in America, and currently in Sweden, (see below).

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