Early Bird Special

Early Bird Special
1hour floats for $35
9am and 10:15am Monday to Friday
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a_hot_stone_video_12"You're Safe in our hands"

• Our practitioners are multi-skilled qualified and professionally registered Remedial Massage Therapists.

• Our Natural Health Centre is a safe caring environment dedicated to deliver professional services for men and women.

• Hot Stone Massage performed in our Natural Health Centre creates yet another improved dimension to healing in our comfortable, safe environment for men and women.

As registered practitioners it is important to have an understanding of your medical history as some conditions are inappropriate to treat with hot stones.

Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy

• Provides a deep level of relaxation to muscles and releases the connective tissue

• Decreases back pain due to muscular tension

• Reduces headaches

• Increases circulation & Vitality - floods the body with oxygenated blood

• Causes vasodilatation ( widening of blood vessels) increasing blood supply

• Improves immune system function ( Increased migration of leukocytes )

• Increases metabolism and elimination processes

• Releases toxins

• Aids sleeping disorders and encourage deeper sleep

• Reduces Stress, tension and anxiety

• Arthritis

• Pre Menstrual pain

• Depression

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